How to Market Your Office Cleaning Business

So, you already have your own office cleaning business. Problem is, where are the customers? If you’re playing low on clients and customers, it is time for you to consider the following marketing and advertising strategies:

Lower your service rates. Check the rates of your competitors. If your rates are a lot higher than theirs, consider lowering it down. As a new business, you can’t argue that you’re way too better from your competitors. Bear in mind that you prove that only when people hire your office cleaning business. The trick of the matter for now is to encourage them to hire you.

Offer discounts or give out freebies.If you think that you can’t lower your price, consider offering irresistible discounts. You could also shop around for freebies that would be useful to your clients. Put all these marketing strategies in your fliers and website.

Paint your business vehicles.Have your business vehicles painted with your office cleaning business name, logo, featured services and quick contact details. Your vehicle will serve as your moving advertisement while it is being used to get to clients or pick up supplies.

Create a loyalty and referral program.Conceptualize a loyalty program for your avid customers. Say for example, offer to provide one free cleaning service for every paid 10 cleaning services. You could also build up clients by devising a referral program. Reward your customers with a free service or loyalty points for every successful referral.

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